Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we are asked most often.
For any other questions, write to us at [email protected]

How does it work?

Just upload the Excel sheet (or CSV) containing the data of the labels you want to print (e.g., a price list), download the PDF file that will be generated, and print it with a common printer.

What types of labels can I create?

You can create labels to price items on display (price, description, and barcode), labels for warehouse logistics, informational tags for customers, labels for bottles and containers, labels for shipping goods, and much more.

How many labels can I print at once?

Paid versions support up to 1000 labels at once. The free version is limited to a single PDF page at a time.

Do I need special equipment?

Just a normal office printer and A4 adhesive sheets (to create adhesive labels) or common A4 sheets (to create non-adhesive tags).

What software is needed to print the labels?

None. Just your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE11+) and an internet connection.

Where can I buy A4 adhesive sheets?

In any stationery store or online. A4 adhesive sheets are extremely inexpensive and work with any type of printer.

Can I insert barcodes?

Absolutely yes. We support all common formats (EAN13, CODE128, CODE39, pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Can I insert my company logo?

Yes, you can insert any image (.jpg or .png), even more than one, both in black and white and in color.

What types of Excel sheets and CSV files are accepted?

All common Excel formats (.xls, .xlsx) and any CSV (.csv)